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Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

An extra virgin olive oil that is notable for its pleasant green fruitiness, with the smooth and sweet flavour that is characteristic of the ‘Arbequina’ olive from which it is produced.

Bitterness and a mild hint of spiciness.

Arroniz extra virgin olive oil

A variety that is native to the ‘Zona Media’ in Navarre, though it has spread to La Ribera in recent years.

It also goes by the names of ‘Royuela’ in La Rioja and ‘Vidrial’ in Olite. An oil with a lightly fruited flavour. Overtones of almond. The initial sweetness gives way to a medium bitterness on the palate, finishing with the clear spiciness typical of Extra Virgin Olive oils.

Empeltre extra virgin olive oil

Looking for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that goes with all types of food? Both raw and cooked? You have just found what you were looking for!

A bright golden oil with a characteristic smooth and sweet taste, typical of the ‘Empeltre’ variety of olive that goes into this oil.

Picual extra virgin olive oil

The ‘Picual’ olive is typical of Jaén and is one of the best known and most widespread varieties in Spain.

Oil with a strong fruity flavour, intensely green in colour. A medium-high bitterness on the palate, finishing with a subtle spiciness typical of Extra Virgin Olive oils. A perfect oil to be used raw: on toast and in salads, carpaccio or tartar. Goes very well with stews and casseroles.