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Buy extra virgin olive oil

If you want to buy extra virgin olive oil, here you will find a wide selection of single-variety oils of the highest quality. Each one of them has a unique flavour and aroma, reflecting the characteristics of the olive variety from which they are made.

Our oils come from the olives of more than 1,500 farmers in the Navarre area, who keep the culture and work of the fields alive. Some of the varieties you will find on our website are arbequina, empeltre, picual, arroniz and our organic dulas oil. Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience at a competitive price.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Arbequina Oil

It is one of the varieties most valued by consumers as it is a balanced oil, with a very slight bitterness and spiciness.

At La Casa del Aceite, you can buy two types of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil: Arbequina and Dulas, our organic variety.

Due to its characteristics, Arbequina is ideal for introducing children to olive oil consumption and, therefore, for the whole family. It is also an ideal variety for making confectionery, especially cakes and desserts.

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Aceite Empeltre

The empeltre olive tree is a variety that is only produced in an area of northern Spain, near Navarre and the Ebro valley.

Its extra virgin olive oil has a slightly fruity taste with hints of almonds. On the palate, an initial sweetness is perceived that transforms into a slight bitterness with spicy nuances.

It is the ideal accompaniment for many dishes, as it remains homogeneous and does not overshadow the flavour of the other ingredients. It also has the ability to enhance the flavour of salads, sauces, fish and meat dishes. It is also ideal for making mayonnaise.

Aceite Picual

This is the most popular oil in our country, and it owes its name to the fact that the olive it produces has a small tip or beak.

It has aromas of green leaf, green grass and fig tree, and you can also appreciate notes of green apple or artichoke. In the mouth, it has a marked bitter character, which harmonises well with salads, smoked foods and herring. It is also perfect for toasts, carpaccios or salads.

Buy extra virgin olive oil at the best price

At La Casa del Aceite, you can buy the most popular extra virgin olive oil in Spain at the best price. We do not speculate with the product, we want to offer you a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

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Aceite Arroniz

A variety of extra virgin olive oil that is native to Navarre. Its name is due to the characteristic reddish colour of the olive when ripe.

This is the product for you if you want to buy an extra virgin olive oil with a slightly fruity flavour, hints of almonds and a green nutty flavour with smoky notes.

It is recommended to be eaten raw, with salads, bread and vegetables.

Dulas, Organic Arbequina

It is an extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety, which has been produced since 1998 with absolute respect for the environment and nature. It is made from 100% olive juice, without pesticides, chemicals or toxins.

Our Dulas oil is certified by the Organic Agricultural Production Council of Navarre (CPAEN), a European body that regulates, controls and certifies organic products.

Don’t miss out and make your purchase today. We guarantee the quality and flavour of our organic oil.