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Cascante 31520, Navarra

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Our oil house
History of La Casa del Aceite

Our Online Olive Oil Shop

In our online olive oil shop, you will find only extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, made with olives from our own olive trees.

In addition, all our oils are mono varietal oils made with Arbequina, Empeltre, Arróniz and Picual olives.

The quality of our oils is based on four factors:

Thanks to the constant supervision and care of our olive trees, we obtain olives of excellent quality.

We have the most advanced facilities to produce oil of the highest category, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That is why we want you to enjoy it directly from our factory without intermediaries.

We are a team led by brothers Mario and Martín Gómara. We also have other professionals who take care of the administrative tasks and the care of the fields. Together we control the whole process, from cultivation to sale.

Rigour and experience. After the olives are harvested in November, to prevent them from deteriorating, they are taken directly to the oil mill, where the different Extra Virgin Olive Oils that you can find in our online shop are cold-pressed.

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Since 1998 producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The history of our olive oilSince 1998 at your side

La Casa del Aceite was created in 1998 in Cascante, in the south of Navarre. A town with a long olive-growing tradition dating back to Roman times. Over the years, we have maintained and improved the cultivation and sale of olive oil with the aim of offering a product of unique quality and flavour.

We are located in an area with a very special climate, which influences the uniqueness of our oils. Close to the Moncayo mountain and the desert of Las Bárdenas, we are in the heart of the Queiles Valley, one of the tributaries of the Ebro, subjected to the Cierzo wind.

At La Casa del Aceite we work closely with the farmers of the nearby towns and villages and we collaborate with the digitalisation of the countryside. Through our online shop, we keep the rural areas, their customs and the activity of the countryside alive, adapting to the new times.

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Phases of process

El Olivar

We are located in a privileged enclave, which means that the production of the olive trees is not very high but of great quality. The olives we use come from our 200 hectares of olive plantations and from around 1,500 farmers who trust in La Casa del Aceite.

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In el Trujal

The production of cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil is carried out in five steps: milling, beating of the paste, elimination of vegetable water and solid residues, clarification and storage.

The olives arrive at the mill quickly to prevent them from deteriorating, are thoroughly washed and then passed through a powerful mill to form the paste. The paste-mass is homogenised in a horizontal mixer, which works at a temperature of less than 27 degrees Celsius, hence the name ‘cold extraction’.

It then passes through the decanter, which separates the solid phase from the liquid, which is composed of oil and vegetation water.

In the next step, with the help of a vertical centrifuge, the vegetation water is separated from the oil by a difference in density.

The process ends when it is stored in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank.

It is essential that the period of time between harvesting and milling is kept to a minimum to avoid oxidation and fermentation of the fruit and to obtain a very low degree of acidity, one of the characteristics of the quality of our final product.

Bottling and online sales

Bottling for online sale

This is the final stage of the process before consumption. The best conditions for the conservation of the oil are in the tanks of our olive press, where the product waits to be bottled just before its distribution.

When the extra virgin olive oils are ready to be marketed, they are filtered and ready for distribution.

Online olive oil shop

Finally, through our online olive oil shop, we offer for sale all our products so that you can obtain this natural product directly from the factory.

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proceso de elaboración del aceite de navarra

Our oils

They are the result of a whole year’s work. We are small producers and our uniqueness comes from our olive trees, our work and respect for the land and our love for making our oils.

They are all made only with our own olives, from our own olive groves, harvested at the optimum moment according to plot and variety. They are first extraction oils and after their production they are kept in stainless steel tanks in order to keep the oils as stable as possible in our air-conditioned cellar until they are bottled.